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By | December 18, 2014

Taking the easy way out on this post and mooching my friends work : )  I just joined this site and wanted to pass it along to my subscribers. Will comment on it once I test the waters myself but it was a quick signup and you can read my friends review by clicking on her site below. Thanks Ashley!!!  ContinuousCashIdeas

3 thoughts on “In-Home Product Testing Site

  1. Jennifer

    They don’t have many product tests. I’ve received about 4 invites over the last 3 years and only got accepted into one, but they are legit. It doesn’t hurt to sign up. Eventually you’ll get a surprise in your email 🙂

  2. paul Post author

    Thanks Jennifer- funny thing when I started doing surveys and such I avoided sites that sent out only a few invites but now I’m actually starting to prefer this method. I just keep accumulating them and keep a small notebook to track things? but even if I receive 2 invites a year? If that invite pays a fair hourly wage its a win win! Initially I would sign up for tons of survey sites like Isay, globaltestmarket and all that accomplished was I had tons of invites for ridiculously low pay and half the time I didn’t even qualify. Since I started this website my search for new and unique ideas has really paid off and November was my best month ever. December is on track to be even bigger. Sadly its not ‘get rich’ big but you know what? I can sincerely say for once in my life I have very little stress and I even catch myself smiling from time to time.. If I can grow my earnings just a little bit more I will be ecstatic : )

    I have to go out for a paid focus group today.. I sure wish I could find one of these each day but sadly its hard to get in.. Nothing beats getting paid $50-100 for trying food/products.. I don’t count these with my normal earnings so when I land one its like extra found cash. I average about 3 a month right now- desperately want more of those too..

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