Check Out LiveWire Research

By | December 4, 2014

I joined LiveWire Research a few weeks ago and, after completing a 5-minute survey for $3 this afternoon and a $10 study 2 weeks earlier, I decided it’s worth sharing the site with the group. Signing up was simple enough and there isn’t a website you check for updates, but rather they email you when a study matches your profile. I obviously still need to spend more time learning about the service, but the opportunities thus far have been quick, simple and high paying which makes it worth the effort of signing up and experimenting. A huge positive is they only take about 1-2 minutes of your time when qualifying, which is certainly much better then most sites, and the studies are generally quick 5-15 minute easy formats. Simply sign up and they will email you opportunities. I will write more LiveWire in the future as I rack up experience and I invite others to do the same. Thanks folks, and PLEASE take some time to mention CoolWorkIdeas while surfing the web. I lack the time needed to really promote my site and could sure use a few postings on other blogs to help spread the word.


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