BI – Brand Institute

By | December 29, 2014

Add Brand Institute to your growing list of sites that offer email invites with higher paying opportunities. They don’t offer a lot of opportunities? So the key is to sign up, take a few minutes to fill out the profile and then just wait for an email invite once or twice a month. I signed up for these folks about 2 months ago. So far they have sent 4 opportunities ranging from $5-20. They each took about 1-2 minutes to see if I qualified and payment via Paypal for the 2 I actually qualified for was received within 3 weeks. This morning i was sent a simple $5 opportunity and decided to share the site. So far I received 2 payments from them so thumbs up on Brand Institute. I am starting to prefer these sites over the standard survey platforms. Time is money- and its fantastic to receive an email invite? Take 1-2 minutes to see if you qualify? no harm no foul. Traditional sites are just becoming too consuming particularly with the ridiculous time it takes to see if you qualify and the opportunities are ridiculously small in comparison to what sites like Brand Institute offer. It just takes a lot of time “planting seeds” and signing up but slowly its paying off.




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