Monthly Archives: September 2014

Mintvine / FusionCash Surveys

A few weeks back I did a post on the hidden bounties of Mintvine.   I wanted to post a simple update by mentioning that Mintvine offers a quick, one question Daily Poll which pays a small $.05/.10 for literally 5 seconds of your time. This small incentive serves as a good excuse to visit the… Read More »

Swagbucks Radio Loyalty

I just discovered that Swagbucks offers $.05 for every 30 minutes using Radio Loyalty. This is double what I have seen anywhere else. I know its not a huge earner, but it virtually runs itself all day and is well worth it if you are at the screen  to fill in the captcha every 30… Read More »

FusionCash Adult Beverages Study

Just a reminder!!!   FusionCash. The site doesn’t have as many tasks or promotions as other sites but they do offer some of the highest paying surveys which they change weekly.  As always you stand the risk of getting a rejection, so be mindful of this and only go for higher payouts. This weekend they are… Read More »

SurveySavvy Probably Worth Joining

I joined SurveySavvy well over a year ago. Occasionally Ill get email invites but overall its a very boring/lackluster Survey Panel.  I kept my account with them simply because the few studies I received? All took 5-15 minutes to complete and the pay was generally $1-3. Well worth the hourly rate. Yesterday my patience was… Read More »

This weekend I signed up for task site.  So far so good!!!  It certainly isn’t Amazon Turk? but there are times I exhaust all available work on Amazon and I simply need more : ) The tasks offered are quite simple ranging from joining newsletters, websites or writing comments and reviews. Some surveys/studies.. but… Read More »