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By | August 16, 2014

INBOXDOLLARS SENDEARNINGS. I just discovered something new this week with these two GPT sites!   For months I have a routine each morning where I visit the sites, complete some paid searches and also paid emails- a quick in and out!  You receive .02 for the emails simply by clicking the red ‘confirmed’ tab. I take every penny I can get so I do this and also the daily paid searches you are allocated each day. For months I didn’t even read the email offers but for some reason one grabbed my attention on Monday and I filled out an offer and received credit for 75 cents. In fact the remainder of the week? I gained about $7.00 for about an hours work between the two sites simply by filling  out offers available with the paid-to-read emails.  I cannot believe I overlooked this for nearly a year?  What a fool!

Keep in mind if you are not a member?  These sites are FREE to join! and you receive a $5 signup bonus for each!  Remember to set up a special email account for these sites so you can fill out offers and not worry about your general mailbox being spammed. In fact- the sites recommend you do this.  Most offers take minutes to complete and then you just need to confirm the email they send you. Doesn’t get easier!

Highly recommend joining these 2. The one downside is they require $30 to make a withdrawal.. but the sites offer plenty of unique ways to earn.



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