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Getting Paid for Internet Searches

Just a quick reminder!!!    Don’t forget you can get paid cash/gift cards to do all your internet searches with BingRewards and many other sites!  Get into the habit of doing your searches on these sites and you will find an extra $50-75 in your pocket each month.InboxDollars, SwagBucks,  SendEarnings, ZoomBucks, Gifthulk, YouroEmail. They ALL pay you… Read More »

GiftHulk Daily Card Guess

GiftHulk offers a daily card guessing game!  Silly as it may sound?  It takes just a few minutes and adds a few dollars to my account each month. From the main menu scroll down on the right of your screen and look for ‘Guess The Card’.  You simply guess the card and win cash or… Read More »

SliceThePie Bonus Limited time

Limited time special from SliceThePie they are offering bonus track rewards.  Bottom line? You get paid an extra .10 for each song you review.  This can add up fast! They do this offer randomly so grab it while it lasts!  Never tried SliceThePie?  You should!  Getting paid to write simple reviews for song tracks- it… Read More »

Swagbucks Special Video Offers

If you have some free time you can rack up Swagbucks REAL fast!!! On the main menu find your name/alias on the top right hand of the page.  Touch the tab and choose ‘My Swagbucks’.  Click on the banner at the top of the page that says  ‘Earn 2 Swagbucks’ .  This is a special… Read More »

FusionCash Paid to Call Offers

Don’t mind making a phone call?  Give FusionCash Paid to Call Offers a try. Some excellent hourly wages can be earned and all you have to do is listen to a sales pitch for 15-30 minutes. I believe most people shy away from these offers so there are plenty to choose from each week.  … Read More »

Inbox Dollars & Send Earnings Paid to Read Emails

INBOXDOLLARS  &  SENDEARNINGS. I just discovered something new this week with these two GPT sites!   For months I have a routine each morning where I visit the sites, complete some paid searches and also paid emails- a quick in and out!  You receive .02 for the emails simply by clicking the red ‘confirmed’ tab.… Read More »

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LootPalace HyprMx Videos

LootPalace is a somewhat obscure site that is overlooked on many blogs.  There are several tasks that are offered on LootPalace where the pay is substantially higher then the competition.  HyprMx videos is one such task where LootPalace pays you 3x as much compared to well known sites such as Swagbucks or GiftHulk. This is… Read More »

Download Apps or Register for Offers at GiftHulk

Visit GiftHulk at least once per week and download new Apps or register for offers and you can easily make a few dollars in under an hour. From the main menu click on the ‘Earn Tab‘ and choose ‘EZ coins‘ Look to the right hand side and view the offers in the categories  ‘Last Credited… Read More »