15 Minute Visit to GiftHulk for $1.28

By | October 28, 2014

hulk.200GiftHulk wont make you rich but its a great site to visit and snag a few quick offers, as part of a routine. I spent about 15 minutes for $1.28.

Offers are found on the main menu or under the Earn tab (select EZ Coins). There are actually quite a few more offers but my plan was just to snag a quick dollar and move on to some other morning rituals. TIP: It’ts VERY easy to get lost in all the offers, so grab the easy stuff and move on. Its a good idea to play Guess the card located on the bottom right hand of the main menu, you can easily win an earnings boost so if you have time do this before taking the other offers and hopefully you’ll gain a small % boost.


Free Fall Samples by LifeScript $.40

Land of Warlords App $.26

Game of War – Fire Age App $.43

Also earned an extra $.10 playing guess the card and an 8% boost added to completed offers for the next 3 hours.

If you have more then 15 minutes, you might also want to try Surveys2 under the Earn tab. Its a new panel they seem to be making it REAL easy to get accepted, because I always seem to snag one. They are not big payouts, however I only go for those labeled 10 minutes for $.40 and these are quick and painless. Again- DON’T waste time trying for surveys that aren’t worth it! Go for the decent paying ones and move on! Managing your time wisely is key to earning well.

7 thoughts on “15 Minute Visit to GiftHulk for $1.28

  1. Atelise

    I was 10 pages in and could not find the second two you listed. I also did the fall samples but did not see 40 cents available.

  2. paul Post author

    For the apps look on the main menu? and under the My Rewards heading you’ll see ‘You Have 14 apps’ and that should show you a list of all the available apps- although they do have an allotment so once that’s depleted they vanish : (

    That Fall Samples should have credited immediately. You had to click ‘No’ about 100 times to finish it but did you get to the end and did it thank you? What stinks about not getting a credit is you have to make a decision if its worth your time to write support. GiftHulk is actually really good about giving credit? but its frustrating because you spend the time trying to earn $.40 and then you kill the value of that by having to submit a trouble ticket. $.40 is worth complaining about- a good habit to get into is take a screen shot of the last page once completed this way you can throw that in with the complaint.

    This is one of the big setbacks with GPT sites.. When you encounter an error it whipes out any cash you earn when you have to fight for the credit. This is the main reason I cling to videos for extra cash. You watch it, you get your $.02 and its consistent and hassle free. Unfortunately I need the money so that alone forces me to keep trying. Its very frustrating though- but a huge part of the game we play.

  3. alan

    I tried to get to Gifthulk and all I get is a white page and and a message that reads Sorry we’re not accepting members from your country…!?

  4. paul Post author

    I just noticed they added a cool new option now under offers – a lot easier to read compared to the ‘trending’ feature.

    Touch on the Earn tab at the top of the main menu, choose offer walls and then Matomy and at the top of the page you’ll see a white hand and it says ‘Check what is crediting around you’ and choose that.. This gives a nice list of offering people are getting credit. Really nice but you have to keep refreshing it every few.

    also interesting- but real low pay : (


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